Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Fireman who Loved Me by Jennifer Bernard

Melissa McGuire has been tricked by her grandma. She was supposed to meet her for lunch but it turned out to be a Fireman Bachelor auction! Melissa is mortified but even more so when her grandma bids on one of the firemen. Grandma Nelly wins the bid. But of course it is all a part of her master plan.

Fire Captain Harry Brody is part of the San Gabriel fire department, which is known for being a bachelor fire house. In fact, some say that fire house is cursed. The guys agree to do the Bachelor auction to stop the rumors of the curse. Brody never expects an older woman to bid on him and win. And he won't hear the end of it from his fellow firemen.

When Brody shows up for his "date", Nelly is conveniently sick and suggests Melissa go in her place. Melissa reluctantly agrees and ends up having a good time. But the end of the date doesn't end well and Melissa is convinced they should not see each other again. Brody has different feelings and gets Melissa to go out again. But as they continuing dating many obstacles are thrown their way and they need to decide if dating each other is worth the hassle.

I really enjoyed this light romance. It is the first book in the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel series. I will be reading the rest of the series and hoping they are as good.

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