Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Season of the Dragonflies by Sarah Creech

For generations, the Lenore women have kept the secret of the unique flower and the intoxicating powerful perfume it creates – alluring enough to ensure the wearer unlimited success.  As long as it’s used correctly.

Lucia Lenore, hiding from a failed marriage and lackluster acting career, returns home to Quartz Hollow, a small town set in the quiet beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Instead of peace, she finds chaos – her mother, Willow, facing a client threatening to expose their secret while her sister Mya (eager to takeover Lenore Incorporated and wary of her sister’s return) insisting she can fix the situation by breaking the family’s cardinal rule – changing the perfume’s formula.

Since I really enjoy Alice Hoffman and Sarah Addison Allen, I had high hopes for The Season of the Dragonflies.  The “magical realism” elements of the book drew me in – swarms of blue dragonflies, an intriguingly alive flower, and a perfume with the power to affect fate.  I had hoped for a bit more “practical magic,” but those elements were more lightly hinted as the story went on. 

The real story is relationships between the Lenore women.  Though not always sympathetic (particularly Mya), the unique personalities and family dynamic added interesting layers to the book.  If anything, my only complaint was that the three story lines did not get the kind of in-depth development I was craving, with everything tied up very neatly at the end.  All in all, still a good read and interesting debut novel.

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