Saturday, December 6, 2014

No Limits by Lori Foster

Cannon Coulter has made a name for himself in the mixed martial arts world. After his last fight, Cannon has returned home to Ohio to get some rest and deal with the death of a man from his past. Upon returning, Cannon is told that he has inherited half of the man's business and his house. The other half goes to his granddaughter, Yvette Sweeny. Three years ago Cannon walked away from Yvette because he thought she was to young. He doesn't think that anymore.

After a traumatic incident three years ago, Yvette moved away to California. Now she finds herself back in Ohio and having to dealing with her past. And Cannon. She had such a crush on him and finds herself still crushing on him.

Now they are both living in the house they inherited and they can't resist each other. But then someone starts vandalising the property at the house and the business. Is it someone from their past or is there a new threat to Cannon and Yvette?

Another great start to a new series from Lori Foster! Cannon and Yvette are first mentioned in Dash of Peril from the Love Undercover series. I recommend them all! Start with When You Dare and don't look back!

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