Saturday, January 24, 2015

I've Got You Under My Skin by Mary Higgins Clark

This is the first in a debut series, which is unusual for the prolific "Queen of Suspense" Clark, who has written standalones for decades.

Television producer Laurie Moran has an idea that will hopefully procure her failing station and career the boost they need. The series will reenact a cold case with all the original players, and the first program highlights the "graduation gala, which is the unsolved case of Betsy Powell's murder, which occurred twenty years ago.

Betsy Powell was murdered in the bedroom of her Long Islan home during the night of the college graduation party her and her husband, Robert, threw for her daughter Claire and friends Nina, Allison and Regina. Other attendees who were also at the gala that night include housekeeper Jane and driver Josh. Every single one of them have reasons and something to gain from Betsy's demise.

The stakes are high for Laurie, and not only for her career. This show will put her back in the limelight, much to the dismay of her retired police chief father, Leo. Five years earlier Laurie's husband was shot down in a park, the killer had never been apprehended and left this threat to their son Timmy, "you and your mom are next." With two potential killers on the lose, everything is bound to come to a head at the reunion.

Clark's books usually feature a plethora of characters that are exhausting for readers to track. The characters here are much more contained. The plot reminds me of the movie Clue, where all the suspects reunite and the killer is finally revealed. This is the start to an enjoyable suspense novel sure to please Clark's longtime readers.

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