Saturday, February 14, 2015

In His Sights by Jo Davis

Detective Chris Ford isn't feeling well. Something just isn't right but nobody can figure out what is wrong. While taking a walk in his neighborhood, Chris meets Dr. Robyn Lassiter and her daughter, Maddy. Chris is infatuated from the start and soon they begin dating.

Robyn is still dealing with the loss of her husband but is really start to fall for Chris. He even asks for help on a case. Healthy people are dying from heart attacks and it looks like they victims are part of a robbery case Chris is working on. They soon discover these people are being poisoned and so is Chris. It is a race against the clock to save Chris and find the culprit.

I love Jo Davis! Her books are soo good. The characters and the stories keep you hooked. Start with Firefighters of Station Five series and then go on to Sugerland Blues series. You will not be disappointed!

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