Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hush by Karen Robards

Riley Cowan has been thrown for a loop. She has just discovered her ex-husband's body. After the initial shock of the discovery, Riley takes his cell phone. Once she gets away she calls the police anonymously. The ruling is suicide but Riley knows that isn't true. There is no way Jeff would kill himself. She tries to find answers on Jeff's phone but is attacked before she can get any.

Finn Bradley is working with the FBI investigating the Cowan family to find missing money. The head of the family is in jail after stealing millions from investors but no one knows where the money is. Finn was at the site where Jeff's body was and saw Riley steal the phone. He stakes her out, which is a good thing. He is able to save her from her attacker.

Finn has basically becomes her shadow and is sure Riley is hiding something. Riley is attracted to this mysterious man but she is hiding a pretty big secret. Can she trust him or will that be her biggest mistake?

I am a huge fan of Karen Robards and this one did not disappoint! I enjoyed the characters and the story. And I wasn't able to figure out who was behind it all until the very end when I read who the bad guy was!

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