Saturday, March 21, 2015

Running Interference by Elley Arden

Cleveland Women’s Professional Football League player Tanya Martin hasn’t spoke with Cam Simmons, now a Super Bowl MVP, in five years. They were always close friends, but he seems to have forgotten about her when he left his past behind.

Now that it is the off-season, he is back in town to convince his hardworking mother to move to Boston where he plays. After overhearing that Tanya’s father will lose the gym that is a South City neighborhood institution if he doesn’t come up with thirty grand to stop a foreclosure, Cam offers the cash, but Tanya refuses, not wanting to have any strings tied to Cam. In fact, the only thing she wants from Cam is a physical relationship. He agrees to her terms even though spending these few weeks with her has him wanting more.

When a bachelor auction showcasing Cam as the top prize proves to be the Hail Mary play they need to raise the funds, Tanya’s feelings are put to the test, especially when a beautiful news anchor is determined to place the winning bid.

Readers need not like sports to appreciate the strong female lead Arden (Kemmons Brothers Baseball series) has created in Tanya, and adding to the entertainment is the the sweat-inducing physicality that occurs both on the field and off.

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