Saturday, March 14, 2015

Unleashed by Rachel Lacey

Cara Medlen has avoided her good looking neighbor for almost a year. And a good thing because when they meet for the first time he accuses her of abusing her foster dogs.  Of course it is a big misunderstanding but Cara is determined to stay away. But he isn't making it easy. And it doesn't help she needs his advice on how to rescue some abused dogs.

Matt Dumont is leaving North Carolina to move back home to Boston and start up a PI business with his brother. He just needs to wrap up his last case and he is off. What he doesn't need is to have feelings for the woman next door. Talk about bad timing. And then Cara asks for his help. One thing leads to another and soon Matt and Cara aren't so sure about the futures they had planned.

This was a sweet contemporary romance. I really enjoyed it. I liked the dogs! This is one to read. The next book focuses on Cara's friend Merry, For Keeps.

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