Saturday, April 25, 2015

First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen

For Claire Waverley, life has become a flurry of candy making and worry as the overwhelming popularity of her new business venture slowly takes over her life.  For Sydney Waverley, her life of quiet contentment is only frustrated by one thing: her dream of having another baby.  As each day passes, she worries more, until soon her desire is as apparent as the surprising red highlights popping up in her hair. All the while, her teenaged daughter Bay, who always knows where people belong, has just discovered the boy she’s meant to be with.  If only he felt the same.

It’s been years since “The Year That Changed Everything,” and life for the Waverley women is no less touched by magic.  Waiting in anticipation for the first frost to bring about the blooms of the erstwhile apple tree, the Waverly’s can’t shake the feeling that this year, something altogether different is in store for them.

For those who enjoyed Garden Spells, this much anticipated sequel is sure to please.  Allen incorporates the same elements of family, love, and small town quirkiness, with a hint of magic for good measure.  First Frost is a charming read, perfect if you’re looking for something light and warm to get you through until spring finally arrives.

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