Thursday, April 30, 2015

Yours to Hold by Darcy Burke

Someone supplied Kyle Archer’s brother with the prescription drugs he used to commit suicide, and Kyle is driven to find out who. He starts with the most likely candidate, Alex’s therapist, Maggie Trent, and although she wasn’t the one who handed him the lethal dose, she agrees to help. Maggie’s life was shattered after Alex’s suicide. In fact, Maggie questions whether she should be providing counseling at all.

Kyle is convinced that when he finds the responsible party, his father will give him the respect and trust he lost when his father had to bail him out of debt incurred from his gambling. Kyle is the kind of guy that any woman could easily fall for, and even though she knows it isn’t entirely ethical, she can’t help fall victim to his advances.

Together they make a dynamic duo, especially in the bedroom, but Maggie knows this can never be long-term, especially since she feels a sense of responsibility for Alex’s death, and Kyle knows his family would never approve.

Burke’s (Where the Heart Is, Only in My Dreams) multi-layered plot keeps readers invested in the storyline, and the explicit sensuality adds to the excitement that will have readers craving the next Ribbon Ridge offering.

Originally published in Xpress Reviews: E-Originals | March 13, 2015

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