Saturday, July 11, 2015

Letters to the Lost by Iona Grey

Jess Moran is running for her life - or, rather, from her life - when she takes refuge in an abandoned cottage on a dark street in London.  The next morning, frightened and unsure what to do next, she is distracted by a letter written on beautiful stationery, seeking someone from the past.

Before she knows it, Jess is thrust into a romance out of time.  When Stella and Dan meet, fate seems to be against them.  She is married to an indifferent husband.  He is a B-17 bomber pilot who lives with the constant fear that his next mission may well be his last.  All the while, WWII rages around them.  As Jess begins to scour their letters, immersing herself deeper and deeper into their ill fated love affair, her path becomes clear: she must do everything in her power to help Dan find Stella, before it’s too late.  And maybe, in the process, she can find herself.

As this story slips seamlessly between narrators and time periods, Grey’s beautifully written prose draws you in from the start.  WWII era and modern day London come alive for the reader, while her characters create a story that is both hopeful and heartbreaking - a true achievement for a debut author.

This is not simply a book for historical fiction fans - anyone looking for an engaging, emotional read is bound to enjoy this book.  Perfect for a relaxing weekend or a vacation trip, when you can let this story consume your attention for a few days.

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