Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dear Daughter by Elizabeth Little

After sitting in prison for over a decade for the murder of her mother, young socialite and media darling Jane Jenkins is being released because of the mishandling of evidence by the LAPD. It was well known how much Jane disdained her mother, and she was the only suspect the ever considered.

Even Jane herself isn't entirely sure she is innocent, since she has no memories of the night Marion was killed. The only thing she remembers from that night brings her to the gold mining town of Ardelle, South Dakota. Staying at the local inn under the guise of a historian doing research during their annual festival, she hopes to find out the importance of this place and the connection to her mother.

In Ardelle, she meets a cop named Leo who has something to hide. Even the inn owner and local town figure Cora and her friends might know more than they are letting on. But one thing is clear, her mother had no friends here and digging into her mother's checkered past will be the only way to find the real killer and clear her name so she can come out of hiding and move on with her life.

This debut thriller grabbed me at first but sort of fizzled out later on. She did keep you guessing until the end, but I didn't feel Jane was a sympathetic character or really very likable at all, so I didn't really care by the end if the killer was ever found. Additionally, I am not sure if the author was trying to create a secondary subplot surrounding a potential romance between Jane and her attorney Noah, but this didn't help.

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