Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Masseuse by Sierra Kincade

Anna Rossi needs money. To supplement her income working as a masseuse at a spa, Anna takes jobs at client's homes. Her newest client is Maxim Stein. Usually she vets new clients but he is offering double what Anna usually makes. When Anna arrives at his mansion, she has a run in with a very hot stranger. He is Alec Flynn, Max's bodyguard.

Anna and Alec start a hot and heavy affair. Anna is falling for him, which scares her since she never gets attached or stays in one place for very long. But Alec is very secretive and that worries Anna. Before too long Anna is the victim of a stalker. But is Alec the one she should turn to for help?

This was a great first book in the Body Work trilogy. I really liked the characters and the story. The Distraction and The Confession are books two and three and conclude the story nicely. And after you read all three, don't worry, there will be another book with Amy and Mike's story!

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