Thursday, September 17, 2015

Shooting Dirty by Jill Sorensen

Outlaw, former member of the Dirty Eleven MC, and killer for hire Aaron “Ace” Clemmons took out a man during a money delivery gone wrong. That man was Janelle’s husband, now leaving her widowed and raising a son alone.

Ace is plagued with guilt, which is highly unusual for his line of work, and feels responsible for Janelle, the women who he has wanted to bed the moment he met her. Hoping to go back to school and leave her career as a stripper behind, Ace is exactly the type of guy she needs to avoid but she can’t seem to stop his advances.

Their involvement has caught the attention of a rival MC who attempt to coerce Ace to work for them, and Jester and his crew won’t take no for an answer. Ace wants to get straight but is now caught in a web so tangled that the only way out may be to sacrifice himself to keep everyone safe.

The love scenes are just shy of lewd in this second foray in the Dirty Eleven MC series and may not be to everyone’s taste, but Ace is the kind of rough and tumble male lead that delivers what readers demand from a motorcycle club romance. Where Sorensen’s (Riding Dirty) book shines most is in her damaged characters, whose backstories and plight make them worth rooting for.

Originally published in Xpress Reviews: E-Originals | October 2, 2015

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