Saturday, September 26, 2015

Speak the Dead by Grant McKenzie

Awakened by the sound of a loud gunshot, Sally made her way to her parent’s bedroom, only to find her mother’s bloodied body. She rushed to the bed, and hugging the lifeless corpse, realized that her mother was dead.  Then Sally heard her mother’s voice clear as a bell yell, “Run, Sally! Run!”  So she did.  She ran past her dad in the bathroom as he put the gun in his mouth, and flew out the front door as she heard the second shot of that terrible night.

 Fast forward twenty-five years, and Sally is a morgue beautician who takes pride in making the dead look peaceful.  When a hit and run occurs outside the mortuary in the wee hours of the morning, she hurries outside to find a punk musician standing over the victim and checks to see if she can help.  The woman is dead, but when Sally touches her, she sees a vision of the grill of the car coming towards her, the driver and license plate of the car, and experiences the pain of being hit.  Shaken, Sally wonders what on earth is happening to her?

 As a witness to the hit and run, Sally helps with the police investigation, but has a difficult time explaining how she got the license plate number when a security camera capturing the event shows her coming out of the morgue AFTER the violent act occurred. Jersey Castle, the detective on the case, begins to think there is more to this morgue beautician than meets the eye. Then Sally goes missing.  

So begins this rollicking tale of horror and suspense.  Fast-paced, with a complex plot, and creepy characters popping out of the woodwork, this book will keep you engaged until the horrifying end.  If you like Lisa Unger, or Dean Koontz (Odd Thomas series), then you will not be able to put this book down.


Grant McKenzie said...

Thank you for the lovely review, Kara. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed my wee tale :)

Kara - Reference & Reader Services said...

Thank you for reading the review. It was written by Reference & Readers Service Librarian Laurie, who is a HUGE mystery reader.