Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Hand that Feeds You by A.J. Rich

Morgan arrives home and immediately realizes that something is wrong with her dogs. They are acting agitated and have blood on them. Morgan soon discovers the reason - her fiance's bloody body on the bed. Morgan does the only thing she can and locks herself in the bathroom and calls for help. Morgan is devastated. She can't believe her beloved dogs would ever hurt anyone let alone kill.

Now Morgan has the unpleasant job of notifying his parents, who she has never met. With the help of her brother, Steven, Morgan tries to find his parents. But soon realizes that Bennett isn't who he seems. And that Bennett isn't even his real name. Morgan becomes obsessed with finding out who her fiance really was. But the answers may have deadly consequences.

This was a pretty good thriller. It held my interest and kept me guessing until the end. I would have liked a little more back story on some of the characters but overall I would recommend this book.

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