Saturday, October 3, 2015

Captive by Brighton Walsh

Madison Frost hates her life. She comes from a privileged life but her father is a workaholic and her mother is an alcoholic. She choose to go to Northwestern for college because it is close to home to take care of her mom. One day after leaving class, Madison is kidnapped.

When Madison wakes up she is tied up on a couch in a cabin. Her abductor is huge and scary and goes by the name Ghost. Madison tries to get him to tell  her what is going on but he won't. Soon Madison realizes that Ghost isn't going to hurt her and confides in him.

This isn't a normal job for Ghost. He has never kidnapped an innocent before. He tries to keep up the tough guy facade but Madison keeps getting under his skin. But when she finds out the truth it will have devastating consequences.

This is the second book I've read by Brighton Walsh and I am hooked. Great characters and great stories are what keeps me coming back. If you enjoy the New Adult genre, Brighton Walsh is one to read!

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