Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Kill by Jane Casey

D.C. Maeve Kerrigan, along with her abrasive boss, D.I. Josh Derwent,  is called away from a countryside wedding to investigate a fellow London police officer’s murder.  The victim was found in a compromising position, so the investigators must navigate the politics of the situation, as well as deal with the media.

The pressure for a quick and uncontroversial wrap-up of the case steadily builds.  To be successful, Kerrigan must skirt the internal politics of the department, and deftly handle the testosterone dominated squad room.  Will the secret she keeps come back to haunt her?

This atmospheric, character-driven, fast-paced police procedural is for readers who enjoy Tana French’s, or Robert Galbraith’s (J.K. Rowling) mysteries.

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