Saturday, November 7, 2015

His to Take by Shayla Black

Joaquin Munoz is determined to avenge his friend's death. On leave from the NSA, his only mission is to track down the little girl who vanished twenty years ago before she is killed. He thinks he has find her and with not much time he decides to kidnap her and then explain what is going on.

Bailey Benson just wants to dance. She thinks her dreams and life are over when she is kidnapped from her home. Bailey wakes up and finds Joaquin Munoz. He explains that he thinks that she the daughter of a scientist with deadly connections. Bailey thinks he is crazy. But ever since she was little she has had a recurring nightmare of herself covered in blood.

Bailey slowly starts to trust Joaquin and starts to recover her memories. They leave their safe haven and try to retrace her father's footsteps. But danger is following. Will they uncover the truth or will they be too late?

This in the ninth book in the Wicked Lovers series and one of my favorites in the series. I liked the characters and the story line. And she brought back our favorite characters from the previous books, which is always fun!

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