Saturday, November 21, 2015

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Louisa "Lou" Clark has been laid off from her cafe job. Untrained for anything and desperate for a job, she takes a chance and interviews for a short term caretaker position to a wealthy paraplegic man, and surprising to both Louisa and her family, she gets the job.

Attractive, smart and at the top of his game, thirty-five year old adventurer  and Londoner Will Traynor's life suddenly changed when he was hit by a car crossing the street two years earlier. Wheelchair bound with no use of his legs or arms, Will sees no reason to continue living and is miserable to anyone who tries to be kind or helpful, so Louisa has her work cut out for her.

Louisa finally summons the courage to give Will a little bit of what he dishes out, and a friendship soon blossoms. While accidentally overhearing a conversation between Will's mother and sister, she learns exactly why the position is only for six months, as Will wants to end his life ala assisted suicide. Louisa is determined to show Will that life is worth living after all, and perhaps they both will change each other.

This story is moving and emotional but is also punctuated with moments of humor that uplift the heavy moments. Not all readers will be happen with the decision Moyes makes for her characters, but this is still highly recommended and worthwhile read. Readers who want more from Louisa can continue her story in the recently released sequel, After You (reviewed 11/12/15).

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