Saturday, January 9, 2016

Signs Point to Yes by Sandy Hall

Jane needs a job for the summer. She does not want to work as an intern at her mother's college and be constantly under her mom's thumb. She finally stumbles upon a job as a baby-sitter. It ends up being the three half-sisters of her childhood friend, Teo. They stopped being friends when Teo's best friend, Ravi, starting hating Jane. She still isn't sure why.

Teo has been half-heartedly searching for his real dad. When Jane finds out what he is doing, she decides to help him without him knowing. As Jane spends the summer baby-sitting, she slowly starts to fall for Teo. And Teo starts to fall for Jane. But when Jane reveals that she has found his dad, Teo is less than grateful. He is angry. Will they be able to get past this to find love?

I really enjoyed this book. It shows teenagers trying to find their independence and first love. If you want a fun read I recommend this one.

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