Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Strongest Steel by Scarlett Cole

Harper Connelly is trying to get over being scared of everything. She had a horrific past relationship and is hiding out in Miami under an assumed name. Instead of teaching English, like she is meant to do, she is working in a coffee shop. Only her best friend Drea knows about her past but even she doesn't know the whole story.

Trent Andrews owns the Second Circle tattoo shop. He is living his dream and thinks he is happy in his life. Until he meets Harper. He is intrigued and attracted to this timid but surprisingly strong woman.

Harper lets her guard down with Trent and starts to live again. But her ex-boyfriend makes parole and has discovered where Harper is. Harper starts receiving threatening texts and feels like she is being followed. Will Harper get her happy ending or will her ex destroy her?

I really liked this book. When Harper talked about what happened to her it was hard to read but it helped you understand why she was the way she was and all she has overcome. I also really liked Trent! The next book is The Fractured Heart and is Drea's story. Both books are in eBook format and are on our PinDigital site.

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