Thursday, January 14, 2016

Welcome to Night Vale by Joseph Fink

Based upon a popular podcast, this wonderfully bizarre tale brings the quirky city of Night Vale, California to life.

Get ready to be totally immersed in the audiobook, where the super-crisp-but-not-quite-robotic narration highlights the odd lives of the citizens of Night Vale, and where things are "normal," until they are not.

In a place where the secret police (who are not secret at all) monitor every move, but are ridiculously incompetent, and the library houses all manner of dangerous and deadly creatures (mostly librarians), two women try to solve the mystery of the Man in the Tan Jacket.

This is a fascinating and powerful listening experience. The narration adds a clinical (bordering on sinister) quality that was instrumental in my enjoyment of the unpredictability of story.  If you enjoy The Twilight Zone, then give this audiobook a try.

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