Thursday, March 31, 2016

Life is Good: The Book by Bert and John Jacobs

This book sparked something in me while reading that inspired me to be better. Better at what?  Nothing in particular, just better.  The brother’s motto, and the name of their company, is “Life is Good.” To them, it means life is not perfect, it is not uncomplicated, but it is good. Bert and John started their company as a way to inspire and uplift those around them to counteract all the fear mongering and dread the nightly news puts out ad nauseum. The Jacobs kids grew up in a hardscrabble neighborhood in Boston where their parents struggled to provide for their large boisterous brood. The seed to their self-proclaimed optimism was planted by their adventurous and creative mother who always found a way to say “yes.”

Part autobiography, part self-help and part business, the book claims that each of us hold within us inherent “superpowers” that make us optimists. Traits like compassion, creativity, humor, gratitude and openness are just a few of these “superpowers.”

Each has its own chapter where they showcase some of their artwork and tell stories about family and friends and encourage us to foster that trait within. They have some pretty eclectic tastes in their “top ten” lists found in each chapter. Whether it is books, movies, songs, etc. you’ll find yourself creating your own playlist in your head as you read along. The brothers have received hundreds of letters from people over the years who have been influenced, supported or touched in some way by the “Life is Good Company” They call these letters “Fuel” and each letter reveals that life isn’t predictable, it isn’t safe, it isn’t worry-free, but in the end, life is good. 

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