Saturday, March 19, 2016

Shanghai Redemption by Qui Xiaolong

Chief Inspector Chen Cao is Chief Inspector of Special Investigations of the Shanghai Police no more.  For years he was able to balance the demands of the job with the needs of the Communist Party, but after one too many controversial cases, he has been given a major “promotion” which is, in reality, a demotion.  Unsure of the reasons for this “honor”, Cao inadvertently and narrowly avoids being set up by unknown but powerful adversaries with access to the highest levels in the party.  Who is out to get him, and why?

To solve this mystery, the well-respected Cao relies on friends old and new and reviews the most recent Shanghai cases assigned to him as Chief Inspector.  Will he solve this very important case in time?  His life depends upon it.

This moderately-paced, multicultural mystery is for fans of Benjamin Black, who enjoy reading crime fiction set in different parts of the world.

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