Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Shut Eye by Belinda Bauer

Four year-old Daniel Buck vanished into thin air after his father accidentally left the door open when heading out for work.  Anna Buck is in mourning, unable to move on, and unable to stop blaming her husband for Daniel’s disappearance.  Desperate to find her son, Anna seeks out the help of a local psychic, a man who tried and failed to help with a previous missing person’s case, that of 11 year-old Edie Davis.

Are the two cases connected?  That’s what DCI Marvel would like to know.  Haunted by the cold Edie Davis case, Marvel tenaciously pursues both disappearances in direct conflict with his boss’ orders.

Plenty of domestic suspense in this fast-paced police procedural. The tension builds as the characters become more and more unstable, and closer to their breaking points.  Fans of Tana French will enjoy this mystery.  

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