Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sisi: Empress on Her Own by Allison Pataki

Married at just fourteen, the beautiful Empress Elisabeth is beloved by her royal subjects as she navigates the intrigues of the Royal Court, and finally gives the country an heir.  Tired of the constant pressure of a dutiful public life, the independent Sisi frequently absents herself from the palace in Vienna and spends much time in the country at their home in Hungary.  Public opinion soon begins to turn, and rumors of dalliances abound.

The stoic Emperor Franz Joseph calls his errant wife back to court, and Sisi complies but flees as soon as possible, bored with the duties of Court, and chafing under the strict rules and codes that dictate her life.  What happens when duty and independence collide?

This tale, rich with historically accurate detail, highlights the tension between a very public figure and her wish for a private life.  If you are a fan of Philippa Gregory, then this one is for you.  

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