Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Bear by Claire Cameron

Anna's family is on a camping trip. They detour to a remote island to spend the night before going on to their destination. As five year old Anna and two year old Alex aka Stick are sleeping, Anna is awoken by a noise. It sounds like her dad is yelling. All of a sudden their dad pulls Anna out of the tent and throws her into the big Coleman cooler. A second later, Stick joins her. Her father tells her to stay put and don't come out.

After a long while, Anna is sick of being squashed in the cooler but can't quite get it open. When she finally gets Stick and herself out, the campground is trashed and she doesn't see her parents. As she wanders around she finds her mom laying in the grass. Her mom tells her to take Stick and get in the canoe. What happens next is pure survival for two little kids.

A friend kept trying to get me to read this and I am glad I finally did. It was captivating and heart wrenching. And The Bear is told entirely by Anna's point of view, which makes it even better. I recommend this amazing read.

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