Thursday, April 7, 2016

Unruly by Ronnie Douglas

Ellie is fed up with Noah Dash, her lifelong best friend and sometimes lover, who won’t officially claim her as his old lady to the Southern Wolves MC. Knowing that their relationship is destructive, she finally calls it quits and walks out. But now she needs a ride home.

Enter Alamo, the recently transplanted Wolfer from a North Carolina chapter, who was sent to give her a ride. The handsome and mysterious Alamo agrees to take her to Nashville for a bite and a chance to sing out her sorrows. Ellen has a real talent for music, but isn’t ready yet to make it her career.

As word gets around about their ride, Dash decides to make it clear that she is under his protection, ruining any chance that Alamo and Ellen have at romance. When a problem from his past follows him to Tennessee and threatens Ellie, he will do what it takes to fiercely protect the woman that he wants as his.

Douglas’ (Undaunted) second foray into the MC subgenre focuses too heavily on this MC’s rules and culture that it detracts from the romance and the perfunctory love scenes don’t help. Readers will be lost as to the chemistry of some of the periphery characters since there isn’t a lot of explanation, so they should start with Book 1 for this story to have any meaning.

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