Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ride Hard by Laura Kaye

Along with her best friend, Haven Randall ran away from her abusive father only to be held captive by a now defunct outlaw MC. After being rescued, the girls were delivered to the Raven Riders, a MC that among other things shelters shelters abused women until they can find them new identities. Until their future is secured, they are staying at the MC’s clubhouse.

This is where Haven meets Raven president Dare Kenyon. Haven is not sure who she can trust, but when he takes an interest in her, she finally lets her guard down both emotionally and sexually. Despite being fifteen years her senior, Dare is fiercely protective of Haven and quickly falls deep for the women that lights his fire, even though he knows her stay is only temporary.

When a rival MC and Haven’s father, who has offered an award for her capture, finally hunt her down, Haven might have to make the biggest sacrifice of all in order to save the new family she has found in the Raven Riders.

Kaye’s (Hard To Let Go) new series brews the perfect mix of sex, suspense and empathetic characters and is a strong addition to the rising popularity of MCs in romance. Fans will be eagerly awaiting the release of Ride Rough, Bk. 2, due out April 2017, but should visit her Hard Ink series, which overlaps with the Raven Riders series.

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