Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Obsession by Nora Roberts

Naomi Bowes can't sleep. It is so hot in her room. She gets up and goes to the window to see if the storm is coming. What she sees is her dad walking into the woods. Naomi is convinced he is going to the creek to cool off and decides to follow him. He does not go to the creek but instead ends up at a hidden door deep in the woods. What's behind the door changes everyone's lives.

Now grown up and a successful photographer, Naomi has decided to lay down roots. She ends up buying a  fixer upper in Washington. She also ends up with a dog that she found on the side of the road. And a mechanic, Xander Keaton, who is very persistent. Naomi is finally starting to live her life for the future and not just the now.

But her new future is put in jeopardy when a local is found dead. And then another. It soon becomes clear that Naomi is the target. Will she get to live her new life or will it end before it begins?

Another great one by Nora Roberts. As always the writing, the story, and the characters are fantastic. You can never go wrong when you pick up a Nora Roberts book!

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