Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Purest Hook by Scarlett Cole

Pixie, who arrived at Second Circle Tattoo in Miami strung out on drugs years ago, was saved by Cujo and Trent, the shop’s owners. Although they are like family, helped her get clean and gave her a job, even they don’t know the whole truth of her sordid past. One of the shop’s regular customers is Dred Zander of the heavy metal band Preload, which was formed by a bunch of of guys from the same group home who formed a brotherhood of sorts.

Dred has always had a thing for Pixie, but she has yet to say yes to one of his date requests, but all that changes when she finally gives into a sexy kiss behind stage that leaves her wanting more. Because of past abuse at the hand of her stepfather, she has trouble trusting, but Dred is different.

The passion and care they have for one another is evident from the beginning, but all that is threatened when her stepfather blackmails her and reveals a secret about her past that Dred might not be able to forgive.

Cole (The Fractured Heart) does good work here in balancing multiple plot threads, including secondary stories about a leak to the media in the band and a woman who claims Dred is her baby’s father. But, more importantly, she delivers a rock star romance fantasy with hot love action that is guaranteed to entertain.

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