Saturday, June 18, 2016

City of the Lost by Kelley Armstrong

Detective Casey Duncan always knew her past would catch up with her.  After all, she’d gotten away with murder.  As a teenager she killed a mobster’s son, a heartless young man who bolted from a group of thugs, left her in an alley to be beaten and tortured, and never called police for help once he’d gotten away.  Somehow, the mobster discovered her secret, and now she is in his cross hairs.  To further up the ante, Casey’s high school BFF Diana is in danger from an abusive ex who has managed to locate her once again.

Help comes in the form of a safe haven, a harbor for those needing to permanently go off the grid.  This means moving to a small outpost in Canada and having no contact with your past life.  At all.  Ever.  No cell phones, no email, no internet. Casey and Diana escape to Rockton, where Det. Duncan learns she has only been granted temporary sanctuary in return for helping to solve a murder.  And then residents of this tiny little town start dropping like flies.  What is happening, and who is pulling the strings?  All is not what it seems in Rockton.

This book is for readers of suspense, who like their heroes dark, scarred, and flawed.  

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