Saturday, June 11, 2016

Foreign Eclairs by Julie Hyzy

A walk home becomes anything but a pleasant stroll when White House chef Ollie Paras is mugged and her purse is snatched.

A White House staff member is found murdered and there seems to be a connection to Ollie’s purse snatching. And does a Wisconsin federal prison bombing link Ollie to a terrorist she put away long ago?

It looks like Ollie and the President of the United States are terrorist targets and the Secret Service is actively involved. The question is how to lure the terrorists into the open without Ollie or the President being killed in the process.

Foreign Eclairs is a fast moving and well-told story. One of Hyzy’s best. Lots of clues and lots of action keeps one’s interest. And of course, there are the recipes to enjoy. This 2016 cozy mystery is the ninth and unfortunately the last in the "White House Chef Mystery" series for Hyzy.

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