Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

For Wade Watts, life is the OASIS - a virtual world where you can escape the crumbling economy, the energy crisis, and general mayhem of reality. But there’s more inside the OASIS than mystical worlds and multi-player adventures - there’s a quest. Upon his death, eccentric creator James Halliday created the ultimate puzzle with the ultimate prize - his estate, including the OASIS itself. And Wade wants to be the one to solve it.

Wade has devoted himself to studying the videogame ephemera and 1980’s pop culture that Halliday obsessed over, searching for clues that will help him unlock the first door. When he stumbles upon the answer on a hunch, Wade finds himself in the middle of the competition of a lifetime. He just needs to survive - on screen, and in real life.

If you ever thought to yourself “You know what Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was missing? Video games.” - then this book was meant for you. A fast paced, action packed virtual adventure with all the 80’s references you could want.

Cline creates a world that is dazzling in its detail and creativity. Don’t be surprised to find yourself racking your brain, trying to decide what might be a clue. A fantastic read for gamers, fans of 80’s pop culture, or anyone who enjoys a really intricately laid out puzzle, waiting to be solved. And bonus: if you enjoy audiobooks, this book is excellently narrated by Wil Wheaton.

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