Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Chicago physics professor Jason Dessen is walking home one night, looking forward to seeing his wife and son, when he is assaulted and abducted by a masked man dressed all in black.

Something about the man seems so familiar he thinks, before blacking out.  He comes to, only to find himself the subject of a bizarre experiment done against his will.

When he escapes and tries to make his way back to his family, he discovers that he has landed in an alternate reality where his wife and son do not exist. Instead, he is wildly successful and brilliantly famous, but single.

And now dangerous people are after him. Lots of people. But whom and, more importantly, why? And the REAL question. Can Jason ever get back to his old life?

This atmospheric thriller, often disorienting, ponders serious questions about the paths we choose to follow in life and the “roads not traveled”.

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