Saturday, July 30, 2016

Rake's Redemption by Chantal Fernando

While out at a local bar, single mother and schoolteacher Bailey runs into Lana and Anna, friends who she hasn’t seen since high school, as well as Anna’s brother, Adam, her old boyfriend and former love of her life. Adam, who now goes by Rake, is a member of the Wild Dragon’s MC and not the Adam she remembers.

This new gruff and oversexed Rake makes it clear that she is to stay far away from his friends and family, but Anna won’t let her brother get in the way of her and Bailey’s friendship. Rake finally relents and the sexual tension between him and Bailey becomes more than either of them can stand. They soon fall back into each other’s arms even though the thing from the past that kept them apart remains unspoken.

Just when they work out their differences, the father of Bailey’s daughter unexpectedly appears and uses her child to exploit money out of the Wind Dragons MC. Rake will have to fight to save his family or lose it all - again.

The romance and action play out agreeably, but readers will find it unrealistic that a single mother who works full time would be able to party and drink as much as Bailey does. Even if you can look past Bailey’s irresponsibleness, Fernando’s (Tracker’s End) fourth Wind Dragons MC series offering is only a middling addition to MC romance.

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