Saturday, August 6, 2016

Don't Believe a Word by Patricia MacDonald

New York editor Eden Radley is completely shook up after learning that her mom, Tara, and half-brother, Jeremy, who suffers from a rare genetic disease, are killed by carbon monoxide poisoning. The police think it is a pretty clear cut case of murder-suicide and aren't investigating it further.

Tara worked in a bookstore and left behind Eden and Eden's father, Hugh, when she fell in love with an attractive and charming writer, Flynn, several years her junior. Despite her anger over her mother's abandonment, Eden is plagued with guilt for not answering her mom's call right before she decided to take her own life.

To make matters worse, Flynn has written a book about his life with Tara and wants Eden to be the editor. If she refuses, it would be a big financial loss for her employer and could cost Eden her job. Left with little choice, she returns to Ohio to work with Flynn on the project. However, something about her mom's murder-suicide just doesn't seem right, so she begins to poke around and discovers secrets she never knew about her mom that may lead her to the truth behind Tara's and Jeremy's deaths.

MacDonald, who has published over ten standalone novels of psychological suspense, is always a sure bet, and this one is another winner. If you are looking for a short, page-turning tale that is low on violence and high on thrills, make sure to seek out Patricia MacDonald. She is also a good readalike author for Mary Higgins Clark.

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