Saturday, August 13, 2016

Enough by Jade Chandler

After being abused by her father and then left heartbroken by former boyfriends, Lila “Red” Braham has escaped to Oklahoma where she is hired as office manager of the Marked Man tattoo shop, which is owned by a barely legal MC.

Sexy tattoo artist and biker Dare wants Red in his bed, even though she knows that any interest he shows in her is purely carnal, as he never keeps women around very long. Dare introduces her to pleasures she has never known and with him, she is willing to try anything once.

And for Dare, Red isn’t the typical “sheep” biker groupie that is passed around his brotherhood. It’s not long before Red gets integrated into his dangerous world, but any potential happily ever after is threatened by Dare’s controlling attitude and a secret about him she discovers behind his back.

This first series foray by debut author Chandler isn’t terribly original (Dare has Red wear ben wa balls to a party just like Christian has Ana do in Fifty Shades Darker) and most readers will have a problem with the violence towards women that is too easily dismissed by the lead character. Even the action between the sheets requires more details for erotica than what is given here. Bk. 2. Release is scheduled for October 2016.

Originally published in Xpress Reviews: E-Originals | August 12, 2016 

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