Saturday, August 27, 2016

In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

Nora leads a quiet, routine life. She is a fairly successful writer, who likes to stay home. Then one day she receives an email about a hen party for a friend from her past, Clare. Nora is shocked since she hasn't talked to Clare since she left their hometown ten years ago. She isn't sure if she should go but their mutual friend, Nina, convinces her to attend.

The party is a weekend getaway at the maid of honor Flo's aunt's house in the woods. When Nina and Nora arrive they meet Flo, Melanie, and Tom. Not really comfortable Nora decides to go for a jog. On her way back Nora runs into Clare. It is a little awkward but then Clare drops the bomb. She is marrying James, Nora's old boyfriend. He was one of the reasons Nora left town ten years ago.

The weekend is underway and it is as awkward as Nora feared. It doesn't help that Flo is a little bit intense and strange things keep happening. And why does Nora end up in the hospital covered in blood?

I really loved this book. It kept my guessing trying to figure Nora's secret and what happened during the hen party. I can't wait to read Ruth Ware's newest book, The Woman Cabin 10.

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