Thursday, September 15, 2016

Calendar Girl Volume One by Audrey Carlan

Mia Saunders is an actress. Or trying to be one. She is struggling to put her younger sister through college and then she finds out her father owes a ton of money to his bookie. It is so bad that he gets beaten up and is in a coma. Now Mia is desperate for money.

Her aunt runs an escort business and in one year Mia could make enough money to pay off her dad's debt and her sister's schooling. She would be with a different guy each month and doesn't not have to have sex with them. But if she does, she receives a bonus. Mia decides to give it a try.

In January, Mia is with Wes, a hotshot screenwriter in L.A. Her job is to go to parties and basically run interference with all the gold-diggers. In February, Mia is with Alec, a French artist. She is to be his muse and pose naked. In March, Mia is with Tony, the head of a family business. Her job is to be his pretend fiance because Tony is gay and his family doesn't know and he thinks it will hurt the business.

I really liked the concept of this series. I enjoyed the characters and the different stories. Sometimes the stories dragged a little bit but overall I liked it. I will definitely read the next three volumes.

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