Saturday, October 1, 2016

Breaking Good by Madeline Ash

During high school, tomboy Stevie Case and Ethan Rafters shared nothing more than secret glances across the room until the night before Ethan left for good. He invited Stevie to his last party, and they gave into their sexual chemistry once and for all. Stevie was a brilliant student with plans to become an engineer, whereas Ethan, unable to focus, rarely attended classes.

Fast forward seven years and now Stevie and her son Zach are on holiday from Melbourne in Byron Bay. Living nearby is Ethan, who finds Stevie’s name when looking for a painter to spruce up his house before he rents it, and thinks it might be fun to catch up. As a struggling single mother, Stevie needs to find work on their vacation and is in shock to discover her client is Ethan, a successful CEO of his own company, who she heard had died shortly after she gave birth.

Now she needs to come clean and tell him he is a father as a result of their one night stand. And even if there is a chance for him to find love with Stevie again, will he also love their son?

Ash (You For Christmas) gives good insight into dealing with ADHD in adulthood through her character Ethan in this contemporary novella. Readers will be reminiscing about young love and the challenges of love as we grow older, while rooting for Ethan, Stevie, and Zach to become a family in the end.

Originally published in Xpress Reviews: E-Originals | September 23, 2016 

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