Saturday, November 12, 2016

All Dressed in White by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke

In this second entry in the "Under Suspicion" series, producer Laurie Moran and her crew are looking for the next cold case to investigate for her hit TV series. She has some potential possibilities but receives a call from a devastated mother who believes Laurie's show can help her.

Five years ago, Susan's daughter Amanda was to be married at the Crown Victoria resort in Florida but she went missing before the wedding ceremony. The media named her the "runaway bride," and without any evidence of fowl play the case eventually went cold.

Laurie convinces the entire bridal party, including Amanda's former fiance Jeffery who is now married to the maid of honor, Megan, to all meet at the destination wedding spot in Florida for their interviews for the show. This place hits close to home for Laurie, who visited the hotel with her husband Gregory, who was killed.

Laurie and attorney Alex's investigations lead them to a reclusive intern for the photographer who was present that day, but it might be someone much closer to the bride who knows what happened.

This series provides entertaining suspense without a lot of swearing and violence, so it would appeal to a wide audience of readers. Please note that each book in the series centers on a different case so that these can be read in any order.

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