Thursday, November 17, 2016

Octopuses One to Ten, by Ellen Jackson

Octopuses One to Ten is a fact-filled, beautifully-illustrated picture book for all ages.

Octopuses near and far are amazing eight-armed superstars! Did you know? An octopus has three hearts and can detach one of its arms? It shakes off, sending the predator chasing it. Five years is all they've got (some live for only 6 months). They live in all seven seas. October 8 is their special day (octo means 8). They have NINE brains-one for each arm, all controlled by the main brain in the head. Octopuses can open a jar and get the crab inside. They can use tools. They hide their den entrances with piles of gathered objects.

Some carry coconut shell halves to use as shelter when attacked. Blanket octopuses have iridescent shimmering skin and webbing between their arms that improves gliding across tropical oceans. Males are 100 times smaller than females.

You don't want to meet a blue-ringed Australian octopus, one of the most poisonous marine animals: its venom kills humans. Pacific striped octopuses mate face-to-face and push their beaks and suckers against one another. They live in groups of 40 and are found along the Pacific coasts of Panama and Nicaragua.

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