Saturday, December 10, 2016

Watching Edie by Camilla Way

Edie never thought this day would come. Her old friend, Heather, has shown up at her door. When Edie left home during high school she never wanted to face her past. She tried to make peace with it but with Heather showing up she realizes she hasn't.

Edie is now 33, pregnant and alone when Heather shows up. Edie doesn't trust her or want her around but when she has the baby she becomes depressed and can't take care of herself or the baby. With no one else to turn to, Edie accepts Heather's help. But after awhile Edie starts to become herself again and realizes that Heather has taken over. Edie tells Heather that she is grateful but it is time for her to go.

Heather leaves but Edie can't shake the feeling that Heather isn't truly gone. Edie's life starts to take a turn for the better. She has made a new friend, met a man, and is back in touch with her uncle. But then strange things start to happen. A feeling of being watched and things disturbed around the apartment. Is it Heather or is something else happening?

I really liked this book. The chapters alternate between the past, which is from Heather's point of view and the present, which is Edie's point of view. I thought I had figured out what had happened in the past but I was way off. Definitely worth reading.

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