Thursday, January 26, 2017

Her Rebel Heart by Jamie Farrell

Georgia college physics professor Kaci Boudreaux eyes military pilot Lance Wheeler alone at the bar and convinces him to kiss her in order to prove to her ex husband that they are over. Lance likes the spirit of this sassy blonde but walks away mid-kiss. He was just left at the altar by his ex-fiancee.

Kaci next sees Lance as a member of the winning team at the pumpkin chucking contest where her physics students have rigged a pretty sweet catapult. After another unfortunate pumpkin incident, Lance wants to get to know this spirited, potato-gun wielding women.

When he learns of her upcoming presentation in Germany and her fear of flying, he is determined to help. Kaci finds herself falling for this military man, but when she learns that he will be deploying soon, she might crash and burn their romance.

With the recent women’s marches across the nation, Farrell’s timely novel features a feisty protagonist working in a male dominated-field who will be an inspiration to readers. Some of the romantic scenes could use a little work (“he wanted to feel the skin on her elbows”) and will hopefully improve in future offerings. According to the author, although Her Rebel Heart is the latest, it takes place before Southern Fried Blues and Moonshine & Magnolias and should be read first.

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